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What our Fort Washington PA Hardscaping Service Offers:


Similar to landscaping, hardscape projects customize and beautify your outdoor living space. In addition, most hardscaping incorporates elements that enhance the usability of your outdoor living spaces.  Not only does hardscaping enhance the usability of your property, it creates beauty and adds value to your home.



Passionate About Landscaping specializes in hardscape design to make the most of your outdoor surroundings. Decades of experience in the field have honed owner Marty Levin artistic eye for detail and expertise in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing hardscapes in Fort Washington PA.



Hardscaping features are diverse, and each works to enhance the outdoor living space in a way that best serves the needs of our clients. We view the entire property comprehensively, weighing how each element will impact the space and our clients' changing needs in the future.


Examples of available Hardscaping Fort Washington PA features:


• Travertine, concrete, flagstone, and paver patios and courtyards

• Barbecues, including islands for food preparation

• Fire pits, fireplaces, and fire rings

• Outdoor bars

• Pergolas and shade structures

• Multi-level or tiered stone decks

• Patios

• Walkways

• Retaining Walls

• Sitting Walls

• Outdoor Kitchens

• Driveways

• Driveway Skirts

• Pool Decks


Any number of hardscape elements may be combined to create your ideal outdoor living space, and our projects often include the use of boulders, lighting, pots and plants, and other materials to create a cohesive, balanced environment.


Our Custom Fort Washington PA Hardscaping Sitting Walls


Sitting walls have become a very popular addition to hardscaping projects over the years.  Sitting Walls can be incorporated into your hardscaping design in various ways.  They can cap off your patio giving it a clean finished look, while adding additional seating for your family and friends.  Sitting walls are also used for seating around outdoor firepits and outdoor fireplaces.  The possibilities are endless with the addition of sitting walls to your hardscaping project.


Our Hardscaping in Fort Washington PA includes Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor Kitchen’s are becoming a very popular addition to hardscaping projects throughout Fort Washington PA.  Our design team will work with you to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. If you think about your indoor kitchen, it is truly the focal point of your entire home.  When you have family gatherings and parties everyone gravitates towards the kitchen area.  We will design your outdoor kitchen that is as warm an inviting as the interior of your home. An outdoor kitchen expands your living space and allows you to cook, eat and entertain with ease. Summer is the time for backyard BBQ’s and grilling; but a well-designed outdoor kitchen will you to enjoy cooking outside beyond the summer months.  Please contact us today and we will start designing the outdoor kitchen you have been envisioning.


Hardscaping in Fort Washington PA for Driveways


Driveways are among what guests and visitors see first when they enter the premises of a Residential or Commercial property. They leave first impressions, which, depending on the appearance of the driveway, can either be good or bad. But who wants people to have a negative impression, anyway? This is one of the reasons why every homeowner and business owner in Fort Washington PA and elsewhere wants driveways that are durable, functional, and attractive. At Passionate About Landscaping, we share the same belief that first impressions inevitably last. Because your driveway I what guests and passersby will see first, we will design your driveway to impress.



Our Driveway Designs and Installation


Creating durable and stunning driveways that will last for decades and serve their intended practical purpose takes more than an average knowledge of hardscaping and paver installation. It takes solid experience, skilled workers, complete tools and equipment, and the right materials to create a durable and eye-catching driveway. There are many types of ways to ad beauty to your driveway through hardscaping and pavers.  We have seen more and more homeowners in Fort Washington PA finish their entire driveway with pavers, install a driveway skirts, ad install pavers to the perimeter of their driveways.  You name it, we have done it and can do it for you!


When it comes to creating durable and attractive driveways, we have the expertise required to complete such task in a timely and efficient manner. Our skilled masons and designers have worked on numerous driveway design and creation projects in the past, all with commendable attention to details and strict adherence to industry’s best practices.



Pool Decks are among our Fort Washington PA hardscaping specialties


An ordinary pool can become extraordinary by simply adding stunning pool decks. we create custom hardscape pool decks

that will surely complement your pool area and the surroundings.


At Passionate About Landscaping our pool decks are nothing short of phenomenal. One look and you’ll surely be amazed at how elegant they look. We have a wide array of pool deck

designs for you to choose from. We have circular, free form, curved, rectangular, octagonal, and the like. Our decks can complement and enhance your pool’s design, as well as the other existing structures in your property. Every pool deck that we design and create is handled by veteran and highly skilled masons and designers. These people are some of the best in the industry, and have worked in numerous projects, making them very qualified for the job at hand. Most importantly, our company works on the premise that clients deserve the best services from us, regardless of the job size.



Our Hardscaping Service in Fort Washington PA includes Fireplaces & Firepits


Outdoor Fireplaces, Fireits and Outdoor pizza ovens etc. are becoming more and more popular among the hardcaping projects of homeowners throughout Fort Washington PA.  Fireplaces add a great addition to your outdoor living spaces.  The are functional 365 days a year and add to the ambiance of your home.  Please contact us today with your outdoor fire pit and outdoor fireplace needs.  We can build a custom fire pit or fireplace, or pizza oven to suit your specific needs.




At Passionate About Landscaping we welcome custom requests for your hardscaping project. Custom hardscaping projects can consist of poolscapes, rock outcroppings, water features, patios, and more. We will combine our visions to design and create the hardscape & landscape of your dreams.

Trust your hardscaping needs to the experts. We are ICPI certified and use quality materials from EP Henry, which is among the best in the landscaping industry.


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