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At Passionate About Landscaping we are a family owned and operated landscaping company

that has been servicing Plymouth Meeting Pa and surround areas for over 10 years.

 Our passionate landscaping company offers knowledgeable and creative ideas for all your landscaping.


What our Plymouth Meeting PA Landscaping Manages and Maintains:


• Complete Landscape Renovations

• Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, Tree Transplanting

• Landscape Enhancement Packages

• Tree Planting – Large, Shade and Ornamental

• Shrubs

• Ground Cover

• Annual (Seasonal) and Perennial Color Flowers

• Sod and Turf




Landscaping Passion in Plymouth Meeting PA

Envision your landscaping in Plymouth Meeting, PA and outdoor space with verdant greenery lovingly and tastefully arranged. Landscaping design accomplishes that. Passionate About Landscaping wants to ensure that the vegetation your home has matches the environment, your tastes, and the home’s design scheme.


For each landscaping design project in Plymouth Meeting PA, we develop a customized plan so that no home is the same. Rest assured your landscaping will always be made with aesthetic quality in mind.  We are Passionate About Landscaping, therefore in assessing your property we strive to utilize your current trees, shrubs, plants, flowers etc.  Where many landscapers will throw away existing trees, shrubs that are in good health, we try to find them a proper home on your property.


Sometimes moving or transplanting portions of you landscaping to different areas of your property makes all the difference! We want to make sure you are happy, so we work with you throughout the entire landscape design and installation process.  We also ensure that your landscaping project, no matter how large or small will be properly managed and maintained.


Let Our Landscape Passion Create

a Beautiful Outdoor Space You Will Enjoy


Our Team - Landscaping Plymouth Meeting PA


Our team of landscape designers can bring your outdoor visions to life. We create plans to perfectly scale with plants, trees, shrubs and seasonal color based on your property dimensions and project scope. Your home will have a unique and fitting landscape design. We can also create detailed plans for custom outdoor living areas. (Please see our Hardscaping Page for more information)


Passionate About Landscaping’s team of professional landscape designers can design an entire outdoor living area and give you the look and feel that you want to achieve. We create customized landscape and outdoor living areas for thousands of residential & Commercial clients throughout Plymouth Meeting, PA and the surrounding areas. We are confident that through our design process, your completed landscape design will exceed your expectations and fulfill your needs and wants. You can create curb appeal and add value to your property with a professionally designed landscape.


Experience the Passionate About Landscaping Difference

Why our Landscaping Plymouth Meeting PA


Consultation and Site Analysis: We want to make the landscape design process convenient and simple for you. Like any home improvement project, landscaping design can be overwhelming and confusing. We work with you to make sure the project is as stress free and easy as possible.  We want you to have fun seeing your landscape design come to life.  Let us take care of everything.


One of our landscape designers will meet at your home and walk through the property with you. The landscape designer will get input from you on your needs, wants, style and other important information relevant to the landscape and outdoor living area. A thorough inventory of your property including structures, existing plants and trees, utilities and other key elements will be taken.


Plan: With the information you provide in your consultation, your landscape designer will create a landscape and outdoor living plan to fit your home.


In the plan, there will be an overview of the design concepts and features such as plant material and trees, garden flower beds, hardscape features like retaining walls, outdoor construction elements including gazebos or kitchens, water features and any other landscape or outdoor living features you desire. Whatever your vision, we want to help bring it to life.


Presentation: After the design is created, your landscape designer will meet with you to review the final landscape and outdoor living plan with you. Our goal is for you to understand the plan and love every detail.


We Continue To Help Homeowners

Create and Maintain Beautiful Landscapes

What our Plymouth Meeting PA Landscaping has to offer:


Installing landscaping is no easy task.  Every process of installing plants, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers etc. is cumbersome and stressful.  From picking the right landscaping items to transporting them back to your home, to placing them in just the right area is stressful. We take care of all the stress when it comes to installing your landscape.


Many times, we have been called by homeowners throughout Plymouth Meeting, PA who have tried to install their own landscaping with no avail.  Rather than putting yourself through the work and stress of installing landscaping yourself, get it done ad get it right the 1st time. We will work with your vision and your budget!

We are the go-to landscape installation company of Plymouth Meeting, Pa and we will help you no matter how large or small your landscape installation project.


We will give you an installation that fits perfectly with your home. Our professionals make sure that the plants, trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers and turf are appropriate for your outdoor space while giving you the look and feel that you want to create.


We will plant, install and build a landscape that creates a unique outdoor environment for your home. We offer landscape installation services in Plymouth Meeting PA, and surrounding areas. Our landscape design and installation professionals can completely transform your landscape into a beautiful, vibrant space filled with bright colors, lush greenery and to keep you enjoying your front and backyard all year long. Our landscape professionals will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. We want to help with any projects, big or small.


We have been helping Plymouth Meeting, PA and surrounding area homeowners with Landscaping Design and Installation Services for over 10 Years


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