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A patio is a great addition to any home. It extends the living space and creates a connection between the indoors and the outdoors.  We don't build typical patios. We build custom patios in Montgomery and Bucks County PA. We make sure that each and every patio we build is based on your personal preferences, while also taking into consideration the existing architectural theme of your home and your landscaped area. We believe that each home is unique and so should be the outdoor living space.


Patio Designs Bux Mont PA


The most common types of patios are those that are attached to a house itself. Upon passing through the doorway, whether it is at the back or front of the house, you immediately find yourself in this outdoor living area.


However, there are many different designs and types that we can build for Homeowners in Bux Mont Pa.



You can choose many different types of patios in Bux Mont PA


Detached Patios - This type of patio is usually accompanied by a full rooftop for shade, since it is not attached to the side of a house's exterior wall. From the door, a walkway or some garden steps could be installed leading to the detached patio. These are added to improve the privacy in this outdoor living space.


Open Patios- An open patio can be attached or detached. It does not have a roof, but a pergola or a large portable umbrella could be used for shade. This is an ideal design for those who want to be more in touch with the outdoors.

Walled - For optimum privacy, a walled patio can be built attached to a house. This can be built with or without a roof, but one common trait of walled patios is that tall walls, usually made of concrete blocks or bricks, are built all around.


Sunroom - This type of patio features large and wide windows in almost every wall. It is meant to let as much sunlight in as possible, hence the name. This is an ideal type for those who love to sit, relax, or entertain in a well-illuminated room, regardless of the climate.


Screened Patios- Similar to a sunroom, screened patios are also covered all around for extra privacy. However, instead of glass windows, they use screens. These allow enough air and heat to penetrate inside the patio. The screens also keep unwanted bugs out.


We are proud to build quality custom

 patios for customers in Montgomery and Bucks County.


Adding Amenities to Patio in Bux Mont PA


If you plan to use your patio often, either for relaxation or entertaining guests, then additional amenities should definitely be thought of to enhance its appeal and functionality. Furniture, for example, is one crucial element. Since patios are still part of the outdoors, adding plants will make them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We also recommend adding fireplaces, fire pits, or water features to serve as focal points and good conversation pieces. Lighting is another important element to make your patio functional even at night.


Patios In Bux Mont from your Hardscape Visions and Concepts

Our team, which consists of patio designers and experienced masons, believes in the benefits of extending your living space outdoors. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing excellent and reliable services every time. Give us a call today and get more information and a free quote for patios and other outdoor living amenities.


It would be hard to appreciate a stunning landscape if you have a hard time getting around and through it. Structures, such as walkways or path ways, are needed to ensure you can navigate easily and safely in the outdoor area. If they are poorly built, you will be exposed to certain dangers. For example, going to a certain area in the landscape can be hazardous if you're walking on soil, gravel, or grass.


Hardscape Concepts can help you make your outdoor space more appealing and a lot safer by building high quality walkways. This way, you can spend less time being cautious with your every step and spend more time relaxing and admiring your beautiful landscape.