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Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming

Whether it’s pruning and trimming you trees or removing trees, limbs, or stumps that could pose a danger to you, your family, or your property, we have you covered.


Tree Removal


Our staff, experts in tree removal, can climb any size tree and where there is limited room, lower branches to the ground to be cut up, processed and removed from site.

We have our own wood chippers for any size job. The wood chip is recycled as compost and anything bigger is recycled as firewood or other products. If you are interested in firewood please ask.


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and dedicated staff work safely and efficiently.


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What do we do?


Some of the services we provide are below but do not worry, we can advise you on the most suitable treatment for you and your tree.

Pruning & Maintenance


Pruning is any tree work conducted to alter the shape and/or size of a tree (or plant) for any number of reasons, some of which are mentioned above. Selected branches are removed to encourage growth, to thin/lift/reduce the crown or to remove dead, dangerous or dying branches.


Crown reduction & reshaping – Crown reduction is used to reduce the size of the crown but the shape is maintained. This is often used to let more light through, in restricted spaces and to reduce tree size and water take-up.


Crown thinning – Selected branches are removed to thin the crown. This lets more light through whilst maintaining the size of the tree. We can also use this process to balance a tree if it is weighted in a particular direction.


Crown lift – The lower branches are removed to increase the base of the crown height. This should be done early on in the trees life to avoid large wounds.


Dead wooding – Dead limbs can be a hazard as can diseased and broken limbs. The can fall at any moment causing injury or damage to property. Cleaning the canopy of such hazardous can also prevent pests and increase air circulation through the crown which helps keep the tree healthy.


Tree Removal


Dismantling – Sometimes there is not enough room to fell a

tree or there is a risk of damage to property (building, cars,

patio slabs, green houses etc) and a tree must be

dismantled. We use a system of ropes and pulleys to lower

each section to the ground in a controlled manner, this

avoids damage to property. We can use this system to

remove individual limbs or the complete tree in small



Tree Felling – If you need a tree removing it is easier and safer to fell the tree at ground level. Quite often this is not possible due to space constrictions or other hazards. We can use our experience to safely remove any tree, either in sections or as a complete tree.


Stump grinding – After a tree is felled the stump remains in the ground. Stump grinders are used to remove the stump allowing the area to be landscaped or replanted.